Coaching for Corporates

Offering workshops onsite and offsite

Coaching for Corporates

Offering workshops onsite and offsite

Tricia offers workshops that cover the following topics:

  • stress management
  • healthy eating
  • goal-setting
  • building confidence from the inside out
  • finding balance in life
  • improving communication
  • setting boundaries
  • limiting beliefs
  • performance coaching

As part of Tricia's programme she consistently includes fun team challenges and bonding games. They can be a great ice breaker and good fun for everyone.

'It is essential to our well-being and to our lives that we play and enjoy life'

Tricia incorporates her golf and yoga experience to each session and encourages individuals to work on the relationship with themselves through guided exercises. Over the past 30 years Tricia has studied the works of the most renowned coaches worldwide and attended a number of live events.


Price varies depending on workshop.


You can view our cancellation policy here.

Photos may be taken on the day and if you do not want your picture on social media, just ask for them to be removed.